Your Ultimate Guide to Curly Hairstyles and How to Do Them All


Naturally, curly hair demands attention, care, and great styling! A woman should always keep in mind that with great and dramatic curly hair comes intricate and demanding needs. The good thing is curly hair, when treated right, will let you feel like the most beautiful girl walking down the street. 

But, naturally curly hair needs a great style to match. What’s more, if you need to volume up your look, you’re going to need your arsenal of high-quality wands or a Flat Iron to the rescue. 

In this article, we’re going to bring you our top five curly hairstyles that you can follow when you need that extra dose of femme fatale!

Small and Tight Curls with a Curling Wand

If you want more defined and tight curls, opting for the 3A style will guarantee a sultry and sophisticated vibe to your overall #OOTD. This hairstyle features big and looser S shapes that you can do with a 19MM curling wand such as the iKonic Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand.

Now that you have your styling wand ready, let’s get to the procedure of transforming your hair!

  1. The first step calls for a major blowout. Don’t know how to do it on your hair? All you have to do is blow-dry your hair, upside down. What does this method have to do with prepping for your hair? Simple. The method dries up from the roots for an instant volume.

  2. After a quick blowout, work by sectioning your hair and curling it to the style of loose wavy curls. After you have done it on your hair, prepare to section your wavy curls into smaller sections.

  3. Using your trusty 19MM curling wand, work on curling your hair from the nape up to the crown.

  4. Once you’re all finished, set your curls with a setting spray and let your curls do the talking!

Please take note that the Curly 3A style takes a long time to finish. But, with dedication and effort, you’ll reap the magnificent efforts of this extravagant and dramatic hairstyle.

Small curling wand curls - 19mm

With the help of a 19MM iKonic Curling Wand, you can achieve this hair inspo!

Big and Loose Curls with a Curling Wand

Another dramatic yet carefree-looking curly hairstyle, perfect for date nights and office events is the big and loose curls. Unlike the first curly hairstyle, this one features bigger loops that will help in defining your face. For this hairstyle, you can either choose the 19MM or 25MM curling wand. The 19MM curling wand is ideal for women who have fine  hair. The 25 mm wand works best for thick and long hair. 

Here’s how you transform your hair into big and loose curls! 

  1. For your hair length, choose a curling wand with a barrel that accommodates it. Be wary of choosing a short barrel as you won’t reach every portion of your hair with it.

  2. It’s always recommended that you wash and condition your hair as a preparation. Then, as you air dry it, don’t forget to put on a coat of heat protector.

  3. Section your hair and work your way from the nape to the crown.

  4. When curling your hair, start with the back and wind it from the root to the tip. Then, hold it for two to three seconds and release.

  5. Repeat the process all over your hair and set it with a spray. 

When done right, your hair will speak volumes of extravagance and beauty! Just don’t forget to finish your hair with a serum for any stubborn or flyaway hair.

Loose Curling wand curls - 25mm

For dramatic and volume-up curls, an iKonic 25 mm curling wand will always do the trick.

Beach Curls with a Hair Straightener

Nowadays, people of various hair conditions can style it whatever they desire. With the current technology, you can go from straight to wavy to curly in a flash! If you are the type of person that opts for a straight and sleek look, there is no doubt that an iKonic Supernova Hair Straightener is your hair’s best friend. 

The good thing is, your trusty hair straightener can be used to give you sultry beach curls as well. Want to give it a try? Read more. 

  1. Start by prepping your hair. Wash, condition, and air dry. Don’t forget to coat it with a heat protector.

  2. Section your hair in manageable thickness.

  3. From the nape, clamp your hair from the roots and midway, rotate the straightener, 180 degrees away from your face, and turn it until it reaches the ends.

  4. Repeat this process until you’ve finished all sections of your hair. 

One of the most exciting things about this style is that you can use your hair straightener to achieve the curls you need. But, be careful. It is always best to use a hair straightener with a tourmaline ceramic to avoid overheating.

Hair straightner curls brushed- SuperNova

Who told you hair straighteners are only for straightening? With iKonic’s Supernova Hair Straightener, this look is only one wand away. 

Pure ceramic flat iron is great for curls too! Just follow the same process above and you’re good to go. A flat iron like iKonic’s Persona will suit your styling needs too.

Flat iron curls- Persona

Imagine the possibilities with a durable and effective flat iron! 

Tips to Make Your Curls Long-Lasting

With everything said and done, we’re pretty sure you’re on your way to trying any of the curly styles mentioned above. But, time for some hair care tips that will make your curls last longer. 

  1. Wash your hair and massage it in the shower. But, it is recommended that you only style your hair after the second day you have showered. In this manner, you’ll be in contact with natural oils and texture for curls to last long.

  2. Use heat protectant, hairspray, and other hair products that will hold the curls longer. For this tip, better choose alcohol and sulfate-free products. 
  3. Invest in durable, effective, and great hot hair tools like the iKonic Clique Interchangeable Curling Wand Set! With a tourmaline ceramic barrels, you can be sure that your hair is healthy and beautiful.

  4. Don’t forget to let your curls cool down after styling them.

  5. Last but not least, a texturizing spray always helps! 
curly hairstyle
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Whether you have wavy, straight, or naturally curly hair, styling it with elegant curly dos is now made possible. With the right hair tools, you can enjoy a great hair day, every day!