Young & Able’s Emerging Designer Spring Gathering at The Caravan Stylist Studio in New York City


iKonic Precision Styling Tools were showcased at Young & Able’s Emerging Designer Spring Gathering at The Caravan Stylist Studio in New York City. Young & Able and The Caravan Stylist Studio collaborated to host a one-of-a-kind event allowing bloggers and press to actually meet and learn about the different designers and products available.

The Caravan Stylist Studio is a full service beauty and wardrobe studio and influencer hub that focuses on inviting in top-tier influencers – including celebrities, actors, actresses, editors and bloggers – through creative events and photo shoots in order to create buzz and grow recognition for unique brands. The spirit of the studio is to have a multitude of trending talents visit the studio for exciting wardrobe, hair, and makeup options. All involved will visually engage and sample a variety of cutting edge products and services from sponsors and share their experience through social media and communication. Since Young & Able’s mission is to share the real story behind how and why products are made by designers, this was the perfect studio to host the event.


Allie Evans after being styled by Caravan Stylist Studio with the iKONIC curling wand.

As a sponsor of The Caravan Stylist Studio, iKonic showcased a variety of revolutionary styling products available for influencers to learn about and actually try every day. Specifically at the event, beauty stations were set up for visitors to get their hair styled by professionals using none other than iKonic Precision Styling Tools. While bloggers and press sipped wine and enjoyed conversations and light refreshments, they also buzzed over their fantastic hair styles and perfectly waved hair. Not only did the visitors rave over iKonic curling wands and their impeccably curled hair styles that took only a matter of minutes to accomplish, they also got to learn more about these revolutionary products and how incredible they really are.

The entire event was a huge success for the collaborating sponsorships and, with a diverse range of designers and products readily available, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

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