Why is an iKONIC flat iron really different then the top ceramic hair straighteners?


Most top ceramic hair straighteners on the market  are supposed to be “ceramic”…and they are…but not 100% PURE ionic. Read below about iKONIC’s pure infrared negative ion conditioning technology.

When purchasing a styling tool…
there are many factors we consider, compare iKONIC to Top Ceramic Hair Straighteners:

1. Price, Affordability, & Quality

When considering price and affordability when purchasing something for your hair, we also have to take into account the quality by which it was manufactured. Most popular ceramic hair straighteners on the market are in every beauty supply chain in the country…they’re in every Walmart, Target and plastered all over the internet…with that high demand for production, most styling tool companies have to lower their cost of manufacturing as much as possible. They have to save money everywhere they can…which is why you can go just about anywhere to buy yourself a $40-$80 hair straightener or curling wand…but remember…just because something is more affordable and costs less, doesn’t mean its safe to use on your hair for long periods of time. You only have one head of hair…you need to take care of your hair and be careful not to dry it out using cheap hair products.

One thing iKONIC promises to deliver on…is professional results…so our price point may be slightly higher than other brands…but you are paying for quality. The Pure Infrared negative ion conditioning technology, and 100% pure ceramic plates (unlike most coated ceramic plates) and 100% Genuine Tourmaline Gemstone is not cheap to make…but you can trust that when iKONIC uses the word ceramic, ionic, or tourmaline, that its the real deal!

2. Hair Texture & Styling Needs

Another very important factor to consider when purchasing a flat iron for your hair is the type of texture you have…and what kind of styling needs you have. (See article on how to pick top ceramic hair straighteners for my hair type.) Whether you prefer high heat to tame coarse or unruly hair, or you have natural ethnic hair that you want to style without damaging or breaking off/ causing split ends…iKONIC has styling tools for everyone. Short hair, long hair, thick hair, thin hair, frizzy hair, curly hair, wavy hair, ethnic hair, or coarse hair…we designed the most versatile professional hair styling tool collection on the market. Each multi-purpose tool helps you achieve your desired look in less time and with longer lasting results.

3. What do hair salon professionals and my friends say about them?

We built our brand with hair salon professionals in mind and tried to meet the needs of every type of woman…our best friends, our co-workers, women on the go, busy moms, young girls, teenagers, pageant queens, & the elderly. Our desire was to create styling tool products that meet your lifestyle and needs that would be trusted by the pros…and we are proud to say, we are in over 2200 salons across the United States!

We are developing hair styling technology that works and people are noticing! We were even invited to participate in the Oscars  & Teen Choice Awards in 2013! If celebrities and professional make-up artists trust our brand…you know you can too.

4. The length of time it take to style your hair with it

Everyone goes through must times in life…with fast paced careers, busy stay at home moms, and young women on the go…we need results and we need them fast! iKONIC knows how valuable time is…so we developed a pure infrared negative ion conditioning technology that heats faster but safer, saving you time!

5. Warranty

Most styling tool companies on the market offer little to no guarantee on their products because they are so cheaply manufactured, they would never be able to keep up with the demands of replacing broken hair straighteners and faulty heating elements. Every iKONIC hair styling tool is backed by a 1-5 year manufacturers warranty because we want you to trust the quality of our brand. Beware of companies that offer “lifetime” warranties and read the fine print…no one replaces things for free…and there is no such thing as a “lifetime” warranty or companies will go out of business. Our manufacturer’s warranty covers anything that may have gone wrong in the manufacturing of our tools, electrical issues, or internal heating issues. We are transparent about this on our warranty page and offer unbeatable coverage and exchanges for your styling tool purchase.

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