The Science Behind Hair Straighteners: How Does It Work?

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, every person is guilty of using a hair straightener for a quick hair fix. Of course, we wouldn’t blame you as we’re guilty of this, too! Hair straighteners have been identified as a miracle worker for its various hair functions. You can fix a frizzy “bad hair” situation with a hair straightener. At the same time, you can also use it to curl your hair. When it comes to styling your hair or merely giving it a prim appearance, hair straighteners have been the go-to equipment people will swear their crowning glory by. 

As we’d go further into the magic of hair straighteners, some of you may wonder how does this tool work? Why does it need heat? Or, why does your hair mess up when you’ve straightened it only to be ruined by the rain? If you have these questions and would like to know the science behind it, stick with us, and read the answers below. 

Getting to Know How Hair Straighteners Work

We mentioned earlier that almost anyone who wants to keep their hair in tip-top form uses a hair straightener. In this section of the article, we’ll understand how science makes it possible for us to enjoy a great hair day! 

The Reality of Bonding

Science has discovered that when you apply heat to your hair (much like how hair straighteners do), the hair’s hydrogen bonds break apart. Yes, it may sound hair-damaging to hear that hydrogen bonds are broken down. But, you’ll be surprised to know that every time you wet your hair, hydrogen bonds are broken as well!

When you get out of the shower and dry your hair, these hydrogen bonds will eventually reform and hold the shape (state) of your hair at that particular moment. This is why the form, the style, or outcome of your hair varies on what technique you use while using a hair straightener. 

To make this more understandable to you, let’s use an example. You’ve had a long day, and you’re wet from the rain with braids still stuck on your head. You decided to sleep early and discover your hair curly from the braids. In this example, your hair’s hydrogen bonds were broken from the rain. However, they hold the shape of the curls as the hydrogen bonds form again as a result of drying.

This is the same with hair straighteners. Once the heat is applied to your hair, it breaks down to adapt to a new shape. Then, as it dries, it will result in a straight and sleek hair! But, beware. When your hair is wet from the rain, the hydrogen bonds from your hair straightener will break and will result in a new shape or form.

Understanding the Differences Between Ceramic and Tourmaline Hair Straighteners

When it comes to styling your hair and pampering it, you must understand all of the pros and cons of equipment, especially when it has the potential to damage your crowning glory. Nobody would want to experience a lousy hair straightener that’ll cost you thousands of dollars to have your hair damaged

Because we wouldn’t want you to experience such hair styling horrors, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the differences between ceramic-plated, pure ceramic and tourmaline hair straighteners.

Ceramic-Plated Hair Straighteners

Dubbed as the most popular and the most affordable hair straighteners in the market, ceramic hair straighteners are mostly found for home use. These hair straighteners are suitable for people with medium to thick hair. When choosing a ceramic hair straightener, be careful, and always read the details of what it’s made of.

Hair straighteners falling under this category have metal plates that are coated with ceramic. This is the reason why it’s affordable. Although it can be pretty useful for your budget, please take note that throughout its usage, the ceramic will wear down. Leaving only the metal/plastic directly exposed to your hair. As we all know, having a metal directly heat your hair will damage it.

Moreover, if you want straight hair, coated ceramic hair straighteners require you to go over strands of your hair, which increases the risk of damage. In the long run, it wouldn’t be healthy for your hair. Overall, coated ceramic hair straighteners are quite a standard household tool for people looking for a quick fix before leaving their homes.

Pure Ceramic Hair Straighteners

As recommended by hair experts, purchase hair straighteners which plates are entirely made up of ceramic. Pure ceramic hair straighteners are a divine tool for hair professionals and enthusiasts. Unlike ceramic-plated straighteners, full ceramic tools heat up quickly, ideal for people on-the-go. Also, heat is evenly-distributed so, no need to worry about overheating areas that can damage your hair.

Not to mention the fact that pure ceramic straighteners are easy to work with. When it comes to hair straightening or curling, a pure ceramic hair straightener creates the volume and style you need. If you’re in the lookout for a pure ceramic hair straightener, has the perfect tool for you!

The Persona model infuses the technology of infrared heat and pure ceramic plates for elegant, healthy, and vibrant hair! It doesn’t matter if you intend to curl or straighten your hair,’s Persona models are perfect for anyone who desires to have perfect hair! 

Tourmaline Hair Straighteners

A relatively new yet excellent hair straightening wonder, Tourmaline hair tools are now making a buzz in the beauty industry! After all, who wouldn’t want their hair to be touched with a semi-precious stone coating? Tourmaline hair straighteners are perfect for all hair types. Unlike ceramic ones, it even works on damaged, frizzy, or thin hair.

What the industry promises with the use of Tourmaline hair straighteners will indeed be delivered. You’ll enjoy frizz-free, static, soft, shiny, sleek, and vibrant hair without the damage! What’s more, Tourmaline only requires you at least one swipe of the tool to have sleek and straight hair. The semi-precious stone soft coating gives the optimal standard of neutralizing positive ions into negative ones, which makes the result salon-like.

When it comes to selecting hair straighteners, you need to evaluate your hair type, budget, and application to see which one suits you the most. iKonicstyle offers the best hair straighteners for you! We have bundle deals, discounts, and news items that you’d love to have as your hair straightening tool. What’s more, our tools use the latest MCH heating element, which has the following features: fast heating, equal temperature distribution, energy-saving, and safe for our shoppers.


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