The dilemma of curling iron vs curling wand solved!


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Hair styling tools are probably the most genius inventions that we have been blessed with. 

Hair wands and curling irons sure do come handy when you need to create gorgeous curls in a matter of minutes. Before we get to discussing the best curling wand set that you can invest in, lets first walk through the breakdown between curling wand and curling iron. 

Which is which?

Probably the first question that you need to decipher before you tackle the dilemma of curling wand vs curling iron, is what the difference between is the two. 

Do you need to have both? How is one different from the other? Is there a genius tool that can give you the convenience of both, without you having to invest in two separate gadgets? 

  • A curling iron has a clasp and you can create polished loose or tight ringlets with its help, however it takes quite some time getting used to before you can start to get the curls you desire. Plus, the clasp can cause unsightly creases if you do not have experience  and can ruin your looks.
curling iron
  • Curling wand does not have a clasp and come with a heat resistance glove that allows you  use your  hand more freely  to  create beautiful natural waves in an instant. you do not have to have any experience and can achieve so many different  looks with the iKonic 4 barrels curling wand.

All your curling and waving needs solved

In this day of social media, the need to stay always Insta-ready is more needed than ever. You need to turn out flawless looks every day and having a tool that makes your life that much easier is truly a blessing! 

The Clique curling wand set from iKonic makes everyday hair styling smooth with an easy-to-maneuver design that gives you maximum control as you style.

You have the choice of four professional-quality tourmaline barrels that lock in your hair’s natural moisture as you style. The result is flawless, smooth, and shiny curls or waves in minutes that will last longer than regular styling irons or wands. 

The set comes with four ceramic tourmaline curlers with different sized inter-changeable barrels to create a variety of curls (32 mm, 25 mm, 19 mm, and pearl)! 

The only hair styling tool you need

What if there was a hair styling tool that could give you gorgeously set curls and waves without any creases that can last up to two or three days? 

The iKonic Clique 4 in 1 professional curling wand set with 4 barrels is everything you ever craved for. 

It gives you a glamorous head of frizz and crease free curls using the signature negative ion conditioning technology that eliminates static resulting in hair that is shinier, smoother, and more manageable for a longer lasting look.

The revolutionary 100% tourmaline ceramic barrels have no trace of metals, which means that your gorgeous locks are protected from excessive heat and dryness. It comes with heat resistant gloves that let you style your hair with ease without having to worry about nasty burns. 

curling wands different sized

Awesome features that come with your Clique curling wand set

Apart from guaranteed longer lasting curls and waves of your dreams, the iKonic Clique curling wand set also comes with these amazing features:

All the choices at your fingertips

Whether you are feeling like styling your hair with more polished and bouncy curls or create a more relaxed and natural beach waves style, the Clique negative ion curling wand set is definitely a must-have in your beauty tools box! 

So, getting ready for work meetings, online sessions, Instagram looks, or simply for a casual feel-good hangout at home is as easy as ABC! 

iKonic Clique 4 barrels Curling wand set

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