Hair Straightener for Short Hair


Curling wands and straightening irons are definitely a blessing for all your styling needs. But, do you feel that most of these tools cannot deliver the best results for your gorgeous short style?  Ikonic Petite Hair Straightener is the answer to all your prayers. 

This compact pure tourmaline ceramic flat iron is a light-weight mini flat iron that is made for short hair and bangs. 

Why Should Girls Have all the Fun

Tired of borrowing your girlfriend’s cumbersome flat irons or hair straightener to get that perfectly styled look every time you go out? Is the constant sharing creating a snag in your relationship? 

It’s time to invest in your very own iKonic Petite Pure Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron. It may be a mini flat iron, but it comes loaded with awesome features. 

Get the perfect bangs every time

Regular hair straighteners or curlers cannot give you the cute bangs that you want. The iKonic Petite Mini Straightener with its .5-inch floating plates give you the precision you need to get the perfectly styled bangs that will make your look complete.

Your ultimate travel buddy

Everyone wants to look amazing in their vacation photos and perfectly turned out for that all-important official meeting. However, carrying around a bulky hair styling tool is hardly practical especially when you need to fit in all those cute outfits. 

The sleek and compact size and design of the iKonic Petite Mini travel iron comes to your rescue. This dynamite piece of styling equipment fits easily into your luggage without taking up too much space and gives you the satisfaction of never having to leave anywhere without sporting a perfect hairstyle.

No damage, just flawlessly styled

With the iKonic Petite Tourmaline ceramic mini flat iron, you do not have to worry about damaging your hair when you style. 

Unlike other products available in the market, iKonic understands the importance of caring for your hair. It reduces static, locks in your hair’s natural moisture as you style, and gives you frizz-free, shiny, and smoother hair.

Your styles last longer and they are more manageable. What more could one really ask for?

Straighten, flip, and touch up with ease

If you are still in doubt about this amazing styling tool, just look that the Petite Mini Straightener reviews that real people and influencers have given. From its easy-to-use design to its quick heating and temperature control, its all five stars for this pocket-sized wonder. Try it and see for yourself.

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