Style Your Lob Three Ways


So you’ve just cut off all your hair. Lob haircuts can be freeing and fun, but if you’ve gone most of your life with very long hair, you may not be sure what hair styles will look good on your new do. Thankfully, a lob haircut can translate into the styles you used to love, whether straight, wavy, or curly. If you’re looking for the best examples of lob styles, check out the list below.

Pin Straight

Straight hair looks so elegant. Now that you’ve cut your hair, you might be worried about what short hair looks like when it’s straightened. Thankfully, lobs look amazing when you use a hair straightening iron on them. That’s because the blunt cut on your ends will be accentuated even more, making your style stand out against other girls with straight hair. iKONIC’s Persona hair flat iron works great on lob cuts without doing damage.

Messy Tresses

Wavy hair gives you that extra spunk. These messy styles make hair styling easy, especially for the girl with a lob haircut. That’s because hair usually is a bit wavier when it’s sorter. Girls with thick hair may find it’s easier to keep a wave that’s been styled without using a ton of products. One of the best ways to get waves for your lob is using iKONIC’s Persona flat iron for hair. Instead of always relying on your hair’s natural wave, you can give your waves a boost by using a flat iron. This is a very popular technique because it’s so simple to do.

Full Curls

Even full curls look great on a lob haircut. Whether you have fine or thick hair, you can use an iKONIC hair curling wand to get luscious curls that look great with your lob cut. First, you might want to think about the size of your curls. Sometimes you might want fat curls, and other times you might want slender curls. If this sounds like you, consider purchase a hair curling wand with different wand size attachments, like the Clique Curling hair styling set from iKONIC.

Love Your Lob

Any new cut that you choose could pose styling problems, but that’s only because you aren’t used to styling that length. Once you become sure that you can pull off straight, wavy, or curly hair, you will become more comfortable with your new lob. Don’t be afraid to try all three styles, so long as you have the right tools. After all, there’s nothing to lose but your negative outlook!

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