Stop Oily Hair in 5 Days


Oily hair is the pits. Women with thin hair have the hardest time finding hair care products that control the natural oils that can make hair greasy. Sometimes, oil can start to build up on the same day you washed it. If this sounds like your hair, then it’s time to change how you manage your hair and maybe your hair care products. Instead, learn how you can train your hair to be less greasy in the 4 simple steps below.

Dump Daily Washing

Do you wash your hair every day? If you do, that might be the where your problem starts. Over washing strips hair of its natural oils too often, so your scalp starts to overproduce oil. That might be why your hair gets oily just after you’ve washed it. The best solution to this problem is to stop washing your hair every day, and use a clarifying shampoo about once per week. In addition, don’t condition all the way to your roots. Only condition the parts that really need it: the ends.

Use Dry Shampoo

You might be thinking there’s no way you can skip even a day of washing your hair because of how oily it gets. Thankfully, dry shampoo allows you to get rid of grease without actually washing your hair. On day 2, spray some dry shampoo at your hair’s roots, and then use a brush and blow dryer curler to restyle. This is a cheap, easy solution to washing your hair every day that won’t strip your hair of crucial natural oils.

Embrace Your Messy Do

Now you might believe it’s possible to go one day without washing, but what about two days? If you’re like many women, you might think that day 3 is when things start to get a little messy. But so what? There are so many hair styling tools out there these days that help women embrace their tussled tresses. Just visit iKONIC’s Facebook page if you’re interested in finding easy messy buns and braids that you’ll love.

An Unlikely Rinse

On day 4, you can finally get your hair wet. However, this rinse is probably not what you think it is. Instead of shampoo and conditioner, you’ll work apple cider vinegar through your hair and scalp, and then rinse it out. The apple cider vinegar balances pH so your hair isn’t as oily as it was in days past. It also helps clarify any build up left by products.


Once day 5 rolls around, you can shampoo and condition your hair again. You can choose to repeat this process if you still think your hair is too oily, though. Otherwise, simply use this method whenever you think you need to reset your hair’s natural oils. Next time your hair acts up, just put it through some anti-grease training.

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