An Indroduction to iKONIC Products

Have you always wanted to bring professional styling tools into your life? If so, then iKONIC products are for you. That’s because they are easy to use, reasonably priced, and perfect for your skill level. You might be thinking that professional styling tools are too complicated to use. Fortunately, iKONIC styling tools are made at the professional level but with the average person in mind. So, you don’t have to be a stylist to use one!

Not only that, but there’s a wide arrange of styling tools you’ll love. iKONIC products feature a wide array of flat ironscurling wands and accessories. They also come in many different sizes so you can get all those amazing hairstyles you’ve seen in pictures and videos online. You’ll be so pleased with how well they’re made and how well they protect your hair in ways that other products don’t. At this point, you’ve got to be curious about iKONIC’s products, so why not learn more about them?

If you think all flat irons are made the same, you definitely want to read on. Flat irons have a long, interesting history, but they also have come a long way from you might know as a flat iron. Many irons are still made with metal, even though that material is not good for your hair. 

On the other hand, some flat irons boast about being made of ceramic, but they may only be lightly coated with a thin layer. In addition, heating technology has changed a lot. Have you heard of far-infrared heat technology? How about negative ion conditioning? Well, if not, you’re about to find out.

iKONIC’s flat irons feature both far-infrared heat technology and negative ion conditioning. Far-infrared heat technology allows your hair to be heated more safely and efficiently. Instead of worrying about the damage you’re going to do to your hair with your flat iron, feel good knowing the flat iron’s heat source is safer. 

Likewise, the flat iron’s negative ion technology will help your hair feel softer afterward instead of dry and damaged. You can choose from a 1 inch or 1.25 inch flat iron in an assortment of colors. Both the Persona and the Super nova models are salon professional flat irons that will get you amazing results.

Curls are a classic hairstyle. There are so many retro and recent looks that require beautiful curls to complete the look. If you’ve always wanted curls, but were never good with curling irons, then iKONIC’s curling wands are for you. 

They are so easy to use you might end up using them every day. You’ll be thrilled with all the different styles you can pull off. Just like the flat irons, all the curling wands are also 100% Tourmaline ceramic, so you don’t have to worry as much about heat damage. 

They also have far-infrared heat technology and negative ion conditioning. That means no matter what style you choose you’ll be protecting your hair. iKONIC’s curling wands come in a great assortment of sizes. You can choose from a 19mm25mm.

This creates some really beautiful variations in your curls. The best buy though is the Clique Curling Set that comes with 19mm, 25mm, 32mm and pearl curling wand attachments. This set gives you so many options to choose from when it comes to styling. 

You’ll be so amazed at how easy it is to replace the wands and try out new styles. You’ll see that no other products compare to the handling of iKONIC’s curling wands.

Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are tools no girl should be without. Honestly, no girl should be without a great hair dryer. You might be wondering what the big difference is between a cheap hair dryer from the drug store and an iKONIC dryer. 

Well, to begin, you can probably guess that their dryer features far-infrared heat technology and negative ion conditioning. That’s what’s great about iKONIC! You can always expect top quality out of their products. Portions of the Ionic Boost dryer are even made out of 100% Tourmaline ceramic!

iKONIC’s Ionic Boost is 1875 watts of innovative heating technology. You know that annoyed static electricity that makes your hair stick up and stick out? Well, you won’t have to deal with that anymore once you purchase the Ionic Boost. 

That’s because the negative ion heating technology actually prevents frizz. That’s right! No more fighting the frizz. You’ll be protecting your hair’s health at the same time as making your hair look at its best. The Ionic Boost also comes with 2 size concentrators. These allow you reduce fly-aways and better protect your hair against frizz.

There’s more to hair care then just excellent styling tools, and iKONIC knows that. That’s why they have additional products to suit your variety of needs. For example, you might benefit from the Vibrating hair brush because it soothes as it removes tangles. 

Additionally, once you make an investment into professional styling tools, you might need a Heat Pouch or a Holder to help them stay in good condition. Be sure to keep checking in with iKONIC, because they often add new products that wow.

Professional Styling Tools

If your dream is to have professional styles you can do at home every day, then you’re in luck. All of iKONIC’s styling tools are salon quality, but can be used by anyone. You didn’t have to go to beauty school, to use one of their flat irons or curling wands. What’s more, every product is made with the same incredible attention to quality and detail. There’s nothing basic about these styling tools other than how easy they are to use. Why not make your styling dreams a reality and pick up some professional styling tools from iKONIC?

It’s common for women to straighten their hair every day. Hair irons are used so much, but most people probably don’t know the evolution of the hair straightener. For example, do you know who invented the hair iron, or when it became popular? If not, you might be interested to find out. Actually, it’s quite an interesting history once you look into it. Hair straighteners are nothing new. People have been coming up with ways to change the look and feel of their hair for centuries.

When your hair looks its best, so do you. That’s probably why you want to learn the best practices for doing your hair. Even though it seems simple, hair styling can be complicated. You have to learn some of the tricks of the trade to make sure you can get the best quality looks. Learning these secrets is especially important if you don’t have a lot experience using a hair straightener. That’s because you might damage your hair, hurt yourself, or get poor results.

Many women love the way their looks after the beach. Unfortunately, hair can also get really dirty at the beach, so most women don’t let their hair remain beachy for too long. Thankfully, you can get beach waves without having to take a dip in the ocean or get all oily from sunscreen. Instead, you could use professional styling tools to create clean beach waves in minutes. It might be hard to believe that this style is so easy to achieve, especially because it looks so good.