How do I choose the right temperature for my hair type?

As professional hair experts, we are here to answer the question 

”How do you choose the right temperature for my hair type?”
Here we go into detail and review the best options for any texture or style of hair.

Fine, mostly straight hair

If you have fine hair that gets frizzy from time to time, you will not need a straightener with very high heat output. Look instead for a pure ceramic model with super-smooth plates that can help you fight frizz without damaging you’re fine hair.

If it is challenging to get curl to hold in your fine hair, look no further than iKONIC. All of our hair straighteners use pure far-infrared heat technology that infuses every strand of hair with negative ions to hold styles for days without having to lots of hair spray. Get smooth, silky, curly, or wavy hair. Try our pure ceramic flat irons.

For fine hair, we recommend using the flat iron on 360-380 degrees.

Fine, curly

If your hair is fine, but also curly, you will want to find a hair straightener that has a wide range of temperatures to choose from, so you can pick the one that works for your particular mixture of texture and density. Check out our models with Ceramic or Tourmaline plates, which will not catch on your locks.

The flexible floating plates in our styling tools make styling seamless without ripping or tearing your locks. You can even get all the way down to the roots without burning your scalp!

For Fine and Curly hair we recommend using the flat iron on 370-400 degrees.

Thick, mostly straight hair

Even if you have only a little wave or curls that need to be tamed, thick hair demands more heat than fine hair. Look at our models with many different temperature settings and plates that allow you to spread your thick hair out so that every strand gets equal attention from the heat.

Our pure far-infrared heat penetrates through all layers of the hair for faster styling and long-lasting results.

No more walking outside on a humid day and losing that smooth, just flat-ironed look …especially in your roots. Your hair should stay smooth no matter the weather. Give your hair the frizz-free look it deserves. Try our Supernova Tourmaline Flat Iron for the best professional salon-quality results!

For Thick hair, we recommend using your flat iron on 410-430 degrees.

Thick, curly, or coarse hair

If your hair falls into this category, you will want to look at our irons that offer you both high heat and hair protection. Though you might have unruly hair, you will still want a negative ion conditioning flat iron that will protect your hair from becoming fried. Try our 100% pure ceramic flat iron, the Persona or our tourmaline ceramic flat irons that adjust up to 450-degree temperature setting, that locks in natural moisture and shine from roots to tip.

From natural kinky curls to coarse ethnic hair textures, you can trust our infrared technology to smooth and tame the wildest textures. You will fall in love with the flexibility of our multi-purpose hair styling line and will find the best flat iron for your hair type!

For Thick, Curly or coarse hair we recommend using the flat iron on 430-450 degrees.

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