Hair Wonders: How Do You Maintain Vibrant, Shiny, and Healthy Curly Hair?

From a broad spectacle of great women sashaying the street, the one with the curly locks always stands out. Yes, if you have one of that magnificent curly hair, you know how it feels to have all eyes on you. Having curly hair is a gift that needs to be cherished. However, it can get overwhelming at times. 

To put it lightly, when you have curly hair, you are bound to the extremes of hair beauty and maintenance. It’s like having curly hair brings you twice the fab, yet it hinders you with twice the burden. 

Plus, if you have curly hair, you might get carried away with every commercial product or hair hacks that aren’t doing well for your God-given locks. To better care for your curly hair, we compiled the best and the most effective hair care tips and tricks! 

Sit back, relax, and let your shiny, healthy, and vibrant hair do the talking for you.

Choose Hair Products that Only Works Best for Your Curly Locks

The market offers a wide array of hair products that promise only the best. However, it is easy to get tempted by flamboyant marketing techniques and colorful packaging. It is essential that you only choose organic and chemical-free hair products. To be specific, select hair shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and with minimal surfactants. 

You can find a lot of hair products that only utilizes organic ingredients. These ingredients will only bring nature’s essences and benefits to your curly hair. However, one of the best methods to choose which hair product works for you is to try and feel the difference.

Go Easy on the Hair Products

Having curly and long hair undeniably uses quite the amount of hair products. Using too much of a hair product rinses not only dirt, dust, and grease from your scalp. It also eliminates the natural oils that make your curly hair bouncy and full of life. 

Another reason to avoid over-doing hair products is that naturally, curly hair dries up faster than straight or wavy hair. It would help if you diluted your shampoo or conditioner first in water before washing it on your hair like a professional tip. This tip allows you to identify whether you are using too much hair product and is easier on your pockets.

Better Treat Your Curly Hair Before Showering

It can be tempting, especially during hot summer days, to jump in the shower and wash your hair. Although it is okay, you’ll have a hard time detangling and eliminating frizz. The good thing is, you can use a hair mask or a dry shampoo to treat your hair before washing. 

This method and hair products allow you for easy detangling and hair care. After all, rushing to wash your hair while it’s full of frizz and tangles will only lead to further damage. When applying hair masks or products, it is essential to section your hair. If possible, use a shower cap while treating your hair (depending on product instructions) to penetrate each section of your curly hair.

Finger-Comb or Use Wide-Toothed Comb

Another method that will guarantee healthy and vibrant curly hair is to remove tangles from your hair using a wide-toothed comb or finger-combing. It is also recommended that you finger-comb before pre-treating your hair. Run your fingers through your hair while your hair is soaked from the product. 

After rinsing the product, do away from your habit of brushing your hair when it is still wet—brushing your hair while wet increases the risk of breakage and damage. Such patience is needed for you to maintain healthy and frizz-free curly hair.

Apply Medium or Minimum Heat When Styling

People with curly hair are wrong to assume that high-heat settings must be utilized to style it. Although it is tempting to use heat your curly hair right off the bat, high temperatures will only damage your hair. 

If you can’t prevent the use of high-heat styling equipment, use a heat protectant spray. Better yet, take the time to rehydrate your curls once a week to bring back its natural bounce.

Dry Your Hair with a Cotton Fabric or Air-Dry It

Speaking of minimizing the use of heating or high-heat tools, eliminate the use of a blow dryer and air dry your curly hair instead. But, avoid scrunching your hair as it causes your freshly-revitalized cuticles to open up and make your hair full of frizz. 

Using a cotton t-shirt, gently tap the excess water from your hair. If your hair is prone to frizz once it dries, it is best to apply a leave-on conditioner or a curl-activating cream. Better yet, once your hair dries up, rub Argan oil on it.

Never Use Hair Sprays and Mousse

Aside from its overwhelming and harmful chemical components, hair sprays and mousse for styling curly hair only damages by exposing the natural cuticles to chemicals. As much as possible, use only curl-activating creams or oils to maintain the liveliness of your curly hair.

Use Cold Water for Rinsing

Warm showers are relaxing and relieves a person of stress and tension. However, warm water wears natural oils or sebum, which is essential for its vibrancy and bounce to curly hair. After shampooing and conditioning your curly hair, it is best to use cold water to minimize breakage and frizz.

Maintenance Trims for Split Ends Matter

Because curly hair needs an extra TLC, it is recommended that you go for regular trims. Schedule your trim every six to eight weeks to have your split ends eliminated. After all, your hair needs to be at its best.

Go to Your Professional Curl Stylist

If all else fails and you don’t know which direction to go for curl maintenance and styling, you always recommend that you talk with your go-to curl professional stylist for help. These people are the most knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to dealing with curly locks. 

Because naturally-beautiful curly locks are a once-in-a-lifetime gift, you have both the privilege and the responsibility of keeping it at its best. But, don’t worry, if you find yourself confused or overwhelmed, we’re always here to help with your hair wonders.

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