Hair Straightening Treatments You Can Do at Home

Nothing beats the confidence a straight, shiny, and vibrant hair gives. When you flip your hair, and it sways naturally, you know you can brightly smile as you can enjoy the perfect hair day! However, there are instances when your hair doesn’t give you the satisfaction of silky hair. 

Numerous factors like pollution, nutrient deficiency, and heat may affect the overall health of your hair. Because of this, you may resort to salon treatments, but it can be quite costly. Not to mention the fact that depending on the treatment, it’s time-consuming. 

If you are someone who doesn’t have the luxury of time to sit down and enjoy a salon day, there is one more fantastic option you can try! Yes, the innovation of at-home hair straightening treatments are one excellent way of fixing your hair done in the nick of time. 

Are you interested to know more about these affordable, convenient, and effective at-home treatments? Read about them below!

Hair Botox

Who could’ve thought that hair botox is now a treatment viable for the home setting? Otherwise referred to as the gentlest hair treatment, numerous hair products make it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of hair botox in your home. With the help of hair botox, porous hair is filled in. The result of which leads to 50% less frizz and cuts styling time by 50%. 

Why is this treatment dubbed as the gentlest hair treatment? It’s because the treatment keeps the natural texture of the hair and eliminates frizz for smooth hair. Hair botox can be done in the comfort of your home by carefully following your product’s instructions. 

This at-home treatment is perfect for every hair type! It doesn’t matter if you have curly, wavy, or straight hair. Hair botox, as the gentlest treatment, is suitable for chemically-relaxed hair, even colored ones, too! 

What’s more, depending on the products you use for hair botox, you can enjoy other hair benefits as well. Some of them include protection against dandruff, psoriasis, and other scalp concerns. 

Hair botox is different from other treatments because it’s formaldehyde-free. Plus, it doesn’t damage hair bonds, which means it doesn’t weaken your hair strength. You can enjoy styling your hair once more after a convenient session of hair botox.

Hair Keratin

Nowadays, you’ll see a multitude of conditioners and shampoos with keratin included in its formulation. Keratin is a great at-home hair straightening treatment as it can be used as your typical conditioner. If you want to get a straight, bouncy, and fragrant hair, treat your hair with a preferred keratin product, and you’re good to go! 

Hair keratin is perfect for people who want to do away from waves, curls, and frizz. People who have stubborn curls or wavy hair that isn’t easy to style will like the at-home hair keratin treatment. Plus, it provides the hair with a dynamic volume that makes your hair feel bouncy and full of life.  

The key to making your hair keratin treatment effective is to follow the instructions set on your preferred product. It is not safe to assume that hair keratin products are all the same. One product may require you to soak your hair with the formula for two minutes. In contrast, another may instruct you to soak it for four minutes. 

Moreover, the type of hair you have needs to be considered when using hair keratin treatment. The curlier the hair, the longer you need the keratin to stay in your hair (depending on how manageable you want your hair to be). 

Despite the outstanding hair straightening benefits hair keratin provides, this treatment is not ideal for people who intend to keep their natural curl pattern. Moreover, it is not suitable for individuals who have extra-fine, thin, or chemically-processed hair.

DIY Home Brazilian Blowout

One popular hair-straightening treatment out there is the Brazilian blowout. However, it is mostly done for salons and requires the help of professionals. If you don’t have the time to have your hair experience the perks of Brazilian blowout, you can opt for the DIY approach. 

Brazilian blowout is a treatment done with a specific line of products. So, it is essential to choose your hair products carefully as it will affect your hair’s overall health afterward. With the help of a Brazilian blowout, your hair has a protective layer of amino acid that improves overall hair health. Plus, it smoothens the cuticle and eliminates frizz. 

Hair Brazilian blowout treatment is ideal for everyone who wants to straighten their hair or effectively manage their curls. Moreover, it is excellent for individuals who wish to customize treatments (keep the hair’s natural texture yet make it softer) and go with their natural styling after a day. 

Now that you have an idea of the most common at-home hair straightening treatments are available and suitable for you, here are some of our tips to maximize the treatments’ benefits.

Tips for Optimizing At-Home Straightening Treatments

  1. If your treatment requires you to wash your hair (shampoo and conditioner included), check if the product you’re about to use isn’t contradictory to the formulation of the treatment. Moreover, you can start with your straightening process as early as in the shower.

  2. Gently untangle your hair using a wide-toothed comb. You can even use this comb while applying your conditioner while in the shower. 

  3. You can straighten your hair through brushing. Section your hair in small parts and gently comb.

  4. If you aren’t having trouble styling your hair or if your hair doesn’t need the help of treatments mentioned above, you can use straightening serums and creams. You can also use spray-on conditioners for a portable answer for frizz and hair stubbornness.

  5. Use natural hair straightening solutions like aloe vera gel, a mixture of banana and honey, and other organic methods.

When it comes to your hair health, there are instances when you need to indulge yourself in some treatments. Like your body, your hair needs treatment to promote overall health that translates to silky, straight, and bouncy crowning glory.


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