Foods that Repair Damaged Hair


These days, there are so many things that can damage your hair. Air pollution, hair styling tools, and chemical processing are just a few ways that your hair takes a beating. What if you could revitalize your hair with the foods you eat? Well, you can! All it takes is knowing which foods can help you maintain or rejuvenate your hair’s health. Do you know what foods can repair damaged hair? Find out now!

Salmon Helps You Shine

If you’re suffering from dull hair, don’t despair! Don’t dye it, either. Actually, all you need is a little salmon in your diet. That’s because salmon contains healthy fats that feed the oil glands around your hair follicles. Just one serving of salmon per week can get the job done!

Seeds Retain Scalp Health

Many seed types have hair health benefits, but pumpkins seeds do the most for your scalp. Itchy, flaky scalps are common among women who use a lot of hair care products and hair curling tools. Eating roasted pumpkin seeds gives you a healthy dose of zinc, which could prevent your scalp from drying out. Now you don’t have to feel so bad about how much you use your hair straightening iron!

Chicken Fights Hair Thinning

Chicken is a favorite for many people, but did you know it has health benefits for your hair? Most people don’t know that eating a low fat protein like chicken can help you retain your hair. Hair curling tools and hair straightening irons tend to cause you to lose more hair, so see if you can get some extra protein in your diet if you use these hair styling tools often. Incidentally, chicken is the best low fat protein option.

Strawberries Prevent Breakage

Fresh fruit and vegetables improve your health in a lot of ways, including your hair’s health. If you want to stop your hair from breaking, you should up your vitamin C intake. Strawberries have a tremendous amount of vitamin C, so it’s recommended that you eat 1 to 2 servings per week to amplify your hair’s strength.

Make Hair Health a Priority

If you’re frustrated with your hair, then why not make your hair’s health a priority? Prioritizing your hair’s health is as easy as eating more foods that help your hair stay strong. These tips is especially good for women who use a hair straightening iron often. Don’t let your hair become unhealthy. Use your diet to help you stop it before it starts!

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