5 Tips to keep your hair healthy


Hair damage happens. Surely, you know that your hair is going to get damaged, but do you know how? 
Read up on the 5 most common ways to avoid your hair from getting damaged.

Eating Poorly

Eating right is good for your health, and that includes your hair. Eating foods like salmon, pumpkins seeds, and strawberries can give you the vital nutrients your hair needs to grow long and strong. Without healthy fats, proteins, and vitamin C, your hair will become dull, fragile, and lifeless.

Over Washing

Do you wash your hair every day? Then it might be time to change your routine. Most stylists recommend washing your hair every other day at most. That’s because washing your hair everyday strips it of the natural oils it needs to stay shiny and strong. If you have very oily hair, try using a dry shampoo every other day instead.

Using a Cheap Straightener

What has your cheap hair straightening iron really cost you? Well, take a look at your hair’s overall health, and you might have the answer. Cheap hair straightening irons tend to do a lot damage because they’re often made from metal and don’t regulate heat well. These two traits combined can spell disaster for your hair. That’s why you should invest in a hair straightening iron that will last and promote hair health.

Skipping Hair Serum

Do you use hair serums or argan oil for hair? If you said no, your hair is in danger. You might think that’s an exaggeration, but hair serums and argan oil for hair do so much to promote hair health. Some increase softness and sheen, and others protect your hair against heat. If your hair is already on the way to becoming damaged, start using a serum now, like iKONIC’s Aragon Oil serum.

Over Processing

Dyes, perms, and treatments – oh my! You might love the look of your hair after these processes, but your hair doesn’t love what these processes do to it. All three of these processes can irreparably damage your hair. In fact, leaving dye in your hair too long can even make it break off! If your hair gets a lot of processing, it’s even more important to protect it using hair serums and appropriate washing and women’s hair care styling products.

Undoing the Damage

Protecting your hair from damage is a lot easier than undoing damage that has already been done. That’s why you should really listen to these tips. Otherwise, you might end up with hair so damaged the only answer is to cut it off – and nobody wants that!

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