Why Buy iKONIC?

Our innovative technology makes our flat irons, ikonic hair curler, and hair dryers incomparable to all the other companies out there.

What truly make us different then other professional styling tools?

We could list our many biased opinions about why you should buy our products over others, but that’s not what our company is about. Allow our professional brand to guide you towards a smarter buying decision…not only for your wallet, but also for your hair…you only have one head of hair in your life…you should learn how to care for it, using the best products in the industry.

iKONIC Precision Styling Tools may be a young company compared to popular brands of professional styling tools in the U.S., however, that doesn’t necessarily mean our products aren’t as good if not much much better than our competitors. We may be a little biased, but you should at least try them or you’ll never know.

What is infrared technology? Why does it matter?

Far infrared is radiated heat, it’s the same as the feeling of warmth from the sun on your face and the heat from a coal fire. It is even the same form of heat emitted by your own body. Infrared heat in our iron is much safer on the hair as it generates heat using negative ions from the inside out.

Our infrared technology provides the most advanced techniques for conditioning, polishing, protecting and rebuilding bonds in your hair. It is so essential in the era of metal plated, cheaply coated flat irons to choose a styling iron that truly delivers on what it promises. We cannot promise that our tools don’t damage your hair…heat is heat…but the type of heat our tools produce make it safer on your hair over long periods of time, strongly reducing chances of long term damage to the more fragile outer layers of the hair (visible part).

It matters what you use on your hair. Using a styling product that is wildly popular solely because of their marketing dollars and reach is NOT how you should choose one. It isn’t always the case, but unfortunately more often than not, the more popular and cheap the iron is, the cheaper its made, and the less likely its safe to use on your hair long term. Our products although more expensive than some other professional brands, are backed by some of the best manufacturing warranties in the industry and are trusted by professional stylists in over 2200 salons across the United States. 

Will iKONIC hold styles in my hair?

Not only are our tools designed with infrared to provide safer styling, they are also designed to hold styles for DAYS. Yes, DAYS. Depending on your hair type, thickness, texture…you can create just about any type of hair style imaginable in minutes and without having to use globs of gel, mousse, wax, or a gallon of hair spray, your hair will actually hold sexy curls, fun beach waves, and silky straight! Its hard to imagine a product line that does EVERYTHING…but you can trust our brand to deliver results because the professionals do.

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