8 Pastel Hair Colors


What’s the hottest hair trend right now? If you said pastel hair colors, then you’d be right! Pastel hair colors can be really lovely if they’re done right. That being said, what are the best pastel hair colors for 2016? Find out now!

Rose Gold

Rose gold is based off the color of the jewelry. Many women love the way this color shines in the light, similar to the precious metal it’s named after. If you love this color, be sure to visit your stylist so it’s done the right way.

Smokey Lavender

Smokey Lavender is the perfect blend of unique shades. It blends grey and lavender together to get extremely pleasing highlights and lowlights. The range of color shown in this pastel hair shade is definitely one that will turn heads.


You might be wondering why anyone would want silver hair. If you saw the picture above, you might understand why. Silver is a very special shade that not everyone can pull off, but if you have the right skin tone, it really makes your color pop.

Bubblegum Pink

Pink is an extremely popular non-natural color, but there are so many shades. The most popular pink pastel hair color for 2016 is bubblegum pink. This shade is a light and soft version of pink that is very feminine. It’s bright, but also very subtle.

Orange Sorbet

Orange might not be a color that comes to mind when you think of pastel, but it can be if it’s done right. Orange sorbet pastel hair color takes the shade to a whole new level. It’s reminisicent of Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element. This color is only for those who really want to stand out.

Ice Blue

Blue is also a popular pastel hair color for 2016, but there are some particular shades that really get you noticed. Ice blue does just that. This color often is darker at the top of the head, and might be referred to as a colombre. Done correctly, this color really shines.


Green is another color you might not associate with pastels, but anything can become a pastel hair color if you blend the right shades. Mint is a great shade that has touches of green and blue. It’s a light and bubbly color that shows how daring you can be.


If you really want to stand out, you might opt for a stunning blend of all the pastel colors you can think of. Rainbow pastel hair is one of the biggest hair trends in 2016, so if you’ve ever wanted to do it, now is the time. Think of how amazed people will be at your new hair!

Colors that Wow

Each of these pastel hair colors for 2016 really show off just how beautiful this hair trend can be! Don’t wait to try one of these beautiful styles. Get on the bandwagon before it’s too late!

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