5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy As You Style Daily


Styling tools have definitely made life infinitely easier. You can curl, straighten, and create the perfect waves without having to spend hours and big bucks at the salon. With so many options available, it is easy to be tempted to overuse them and damage your hair. Thankfully, the market is full of great styling tools like the Ikonic Precision Styling Tools that understand the importance of caring for your hair as you style.

How can heat styling tools harm your hair?

Heat styling tools like curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, curling wands, and tongs essentially work by changing the texture of your hair to give you the styling that you desire. Excessive use can strip your hair of its natural oils and keratin causing you to have dry and damaged hair with irregular texture and brittleness.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy While Styling

The good news is that technological advancements and innovations by different brands in the market have made it possible to style daily with minimum damage to your hair! 

While most of the products and tools available today are geared to give you the best results, follow these 5 best tips to protect your hair from excessive styling damage. 

1. Choose the Right Tools

You are spoilt for choice when you start looking for the perfect styling tool for your daily needs. There are so many different brands offering great products that it can sometimes become difficult to pick the right one. 

Choose tools that give you the flexibility of styling without having to deal with different equipment with a variety of settings. One of the top picks is the iKonic Clique 4 in 1 Professional Curling Iron Set that comes with four interchangeable ceramic styling barrels. 

The tourmaline ceramic technology used in this tool uses negative ions that minimizes frizz and locks in your hair’s natural moisture to give you flawlessly styled hair that lasts longer. This also helps you limit the use of styling tools and protects your hair from exposure to excessive heat. 

A good way to select the best tools in the market is to research the review of curling irons and other styling products online. 

2. Never Use Styling Tools on Wet Hair

Make this your cardinal principle. Write it on a piece of paper and tape it to your mirror! 

Never use hot styling tools on wet hair. Any wetness or humidity will fry your hair beyond repair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you start using your hot tools like curling irons, wands, or tongs. 

3. Watch the Temperature While Styling

Styling tools like the SuperNova by iKonic ceramic hair straightener lets you control how much heat you are applying to your hair while you style. This makes it easier for those with colored or fine hair use lower settings.

Those with thick and healthy head of hair can easily adjust the temperature according to their needs for smooth, shiny, and evenly styled hair every single time!

4. Always Protect Your Hair before Styling

Heat protectants are a must-have in your stash if you use hair styling tools regularly. It is essential to keep your hair protected before you apply any kind of heat styling tools to your precious tresses. 

There is a large variety of products available in the market designed for different types of hair and styling requirements. Look for products with silicone, because it works like a protective layer on your locks when you use the heat styling tools. 

Just make sure you are using products formulated especially for heat styling. Otherwise, you will end up causing more damage yourself. 

5. Handle Your Tools Properly

The way you use your curling iron, hair straighteners, or even the best curling wand set matters a great deal when it comes to keeping your hair healthy. 

Choose tools like the Persona ceramic flat iron or iKonic SuperNova  that comes with a tangle-free cord and gives you the freedom to handle your iron. This in turn lets you keep your hair from getting unnecessarily exposed to excessive heat or uneven styling.

Protect and Style at the Same Time

Technological innovation and availability of a large variety of styling tools to fit all budgets give you the opportunity to get flawlessly styled hair every day without having to rush to the salon. 

With brands like iKonic coming up with their safer far infrared irons that generate heat using negative ions actually helps you condition, protect, and polish your hair as you style, protecting your hair while heat styling is easier than ever! 

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