3 Stunning Blonde Balayage Looks


Blonde has always been a favorite color for the summer. But this summer, blonde is taking on a whole new look. The balayage trend has made blonde hair color look like it never has before. Balayage is a hair painting technique used to give you a natural blend of darker to lighter tones. By painting the color in, you get these natural looking highlights that blend into the lighter color at the ends. It’s like an ombre, but upgraded. Blonde balayage styles look great on curly or straight hair, so check out these colors regardless of your hair type.

Ash Blonde Balayage

Lots of ladies love the way ash blonde compliments their summer tans. This smoky blonde color gives new meaning to the name Cinderella. You’ll truly look like a princess who’s waiting for her prince in this gorgeous dark to light fade. As you can tell, using a curling iron wand on your ash blonde balayage will make it look even more incredible. Incidentally, iKONIC has a great curling iron wand with multiple attachments called the Clique Curling iron Set that can get you fantastic tight or lose curls.

Honey Blonde Balayage

Hair that’s smooth like honey can win over the attention of anyone. Hair that’s colored like honey is no different. That’s why there was no questions about whether the honey blonde balayage would make this list. As you can tell, even when you wear this color on straightened hair, it has multifaceted hues that stand out against the rest. If you’re looking for a more healthy hair straightening iton to better maintain your balayage, pick up iKONIC’s Persona or Supernova flat iron for hair.

Golden Blonde Balayage

A little bit of gold in your blonde hair goes a long way. It can create shine, dimension, and allure. If you want a balayage that isn’t too dark or too light, then the golden blonde balayage is perfect for you. This color combines caramel, honey, and blonde shades to create a perfect blend that’ll suit you just right. Big, full curls look great on this style, so be sure to get iKONIC’s 32mm curling iron wand for the fattest curls ever!

Blonde Never Looked Better

It’s always fun to become a blonde, but now blonde looks better than ever. That’s because balayage works with your hair’s natural color to get you the most stunning blonde you’ll ever have. Ash blonde, honey blonde, and golden blonde are three of the most popular blonde balayage colors. If you’ve been interested in giving blonde a test drive, balayage would be the way to go. What’s more, you can use any hair styling tools on the market from hair straightening irons to curling iron wands, and your hair will look great.

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