3 Pretty Braids for Summer


Braids are back in a big way for women’s hair care. It used to be that braids were just for young girls, but now women of all ages are embracing braids. This summer, you should try jazzing up your braids with some of the hottest hair styling tools. The heart braid, the French braid with rosettes, and the waterfall braid are all really popular, and for good reason! The best base for each of these styles is straight hair, so be sure to check out iKONIC’S Persona or Supernova hair flat iron. Find out how cool, easy, and breezy these hair styling tools really are.

The Heart Braid

If you’re like most girls, you wear your heart on your sleeve. But have you ever worn a heart in your hair? The fun new heart braid is a great summer style that lets you do just that! Simply divide the top half of your hair into right and left sections with hair ties. Then, braid each side like you normally would. Finally, wrap each braid around each hair tie once or twice. Pin the braids in place, and secure both together at the ends. Viola! Now you can say you’ve worn a heart in your hair.

The French Braid with Rosettes

Are you an expert at French braids, but are bored with them now? If so, try the French and rosettes braid! While French braiding your hair like you normally would, leave out three pieces you would usually include in your braid. After the French braid is finished, tie it off at the end. Now you can work with those three pieces that were left out. Simply braid each piece, and then put each braid in a bun. All you need are some bobby pins to hold your rosettes in place.

The Waterfall Braid

While waterfall braids might not be new, they might be new to you. It’s possible that you’ve seen waterfall braids on other people and on the internet, but you might not know how to achieve this look. It’s actually quite simple. All you need to do is start your braid on the right or left side of your head. Waterfall braids work a lot like French braids in that you need to add more hair to them each time. However, with a waterfall braid, you’ll be adding hair from the top to each section. Once you’ve made it all the way around your head, tie off the waterfall braid with a pin or hair tie.

Braids are Back

There’s nothing new about braids, but they have taken on a new life in women’s hair care. These days, women are finding incredible ways to style their braids using the best hair care products. The heart braid, the French braid with rosettes, and the waterfall braid are a few styles you can easily start to incorporate into your hair routine. Don’t miss the braid boat, because they are back in style!

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